“Find Your Own Calcutta.”

This is the response Mother Teresa once gave when someone asked her what they could do to help.

As a species, we are living in a state of being that is centered around “me”, or “I”, and we have steadily morphed into a consciousness that has become extremely self-serving. But times are pressing us to expand our way of doing things, and the pressure is at its boiling point.

We are no longer receiving a gentle nudging from the Universe to change. Paradigms are shifting at a rapid pace, and many are scrambling to keep up. The old way… can no longer be sustained if we are to shift to the next stage of our evolution. Continue reading

Childhood Obesity and Autism… Oh, MY!

Adonya Wong - Childhood Obesity Cycle

Time to break the cycle!

Barring any glandular problems, solving this major “issue”, whose stats have tripled in the last 30 years, isn’t as challenging as most people think.

Back in my day, watching television was a treat. Chores had to be done, and I had to entertain myself outside before I was even permitted to plop my hindparts on the sofa and veg out on whatever was happening on the boob tube. I was also only permitted an hour or two, if that.

But times have changed…

Continue reading

Label Me Not!

Autism: Label Me Not!Labels, labels, labels!

As a species, we label everything. We label people, things, and experiences. Maybe (or maybe not) that’s just how life is in a world of polarities. But, labeling people can cause pain, frustration, anger, and even, resentment.

How many times have you used the word, “retarded”, to describe something “stupid” that you, or someone you know, has done? How many times have you witnessed another driver doing something “stupid”, and immediately labeled that person with this stereotype, “I knew they were Asian because they’re all bad drivers”?

How many times have you used a label to excuse your behavior, or anothers? Continue reading

“Let’s Give ‘Em Something…” to JOKE about!

Yes, the title of this post was inspired by a snazzy Bonnie Raitt tune, but this post isn’t about her. Nope!  It’s about Hollywood’s latest film… that thinks it’s OKAY to joke about Autism!!

Take a gander at this clip from 21 Jump Street… 21st Century silver screen version, and you’ll see what I mean. Continue reading

Ariel and Deborah Levy declare, “I should have aborted you.”

As a mother to one of the MOST amazing people I have ever known, I cannot even fathom thinking these words, let alone stating them out loud… in a court of law, or anywhere else. Yet, Ariel and Deborah Levy did just that.

Now, before you jump all over me… hear me out.

When it comes to the choices in my life, I made them, and I have zero regrets. I’m here, living this life, as a result of all of them… and I am immensely grateful. I am also a special needs mom… a label, no matter how you slice it, is one that I will proudly wear until I leave this earth. Continue reading

Let’s Get to Flailin’…

Facebook has become a wonderful place for me to meet some really awesome folks, and most of the time, these lovelies have me in stitches with the things they post. I recently had the pleasure of viewing the Ryan Gosling, Hey Girl (Special Needs) edition, courtesy of Sunday Stilwell, and man! Is this stuff funny! Continue reading

If Not Now… When?

I have cried enough tears to fill an ocean, sending myself into the deepest abyss, pondering…

Will he be okay when I’m gone?

I’ve spent so much time worrying and stressing about what will happen to him tomorrow that, at times, I have allowed precious moments of my today slip carelessly slip through my hands.

Germany has its Autobahn… the road I travel has a beautiful yet mysterious companion that is Autism.

My journey has been one of great fascination… and frustration. There have been many twists, turns, bumps, and detours along the way. One moment, I am cruising along at a comfortable speed, letting the wind caress my face, and in a flash, I encounter a pot hole that rattles me to the core. Continue reading

When Life Shows Up As Autism

Most of us on this path, the path of Autism, are quite familiar with the poem having to do with Holland.  Many of us may not have planned to give birth to Autism, but for reasons we may never fully know, Autism had plans for us.

As parents to these children, are we to look at ourselves as being uber special in some way? Are we truly the Chosen Ones? Are we the only ones who were somehow more prepared than others to handle a life that would be altered in unimaginable ways?

I do not believe I am more special than a parent raising a neurotypical child.  I do not feel as if I was better equipped to raise a “special needs” child any more than being equipped to raise a “normal” child.  Like most people, I am simply doing the best I can with the tools that I have, hoping that the teachings I offer my son will serve him well in life.

However, unlike most people, I am becoming more conscious, or mindful, of how life shows up for me.  I am becoming more aware of how I show up in the world.  After all, I am my son’s first example, and goodness knows, I want to be a good one to him. Continue reading

Life is like A Bag of Fertilizer!

A play on words from a popular movie… yet, there’s a lot of truth to them.

We came into this world innocent and hopeful, and most of us leave it carrying truckloads of regret on our shoulders. Most of us have become so constipated that we’ve forgotten that life was not meant to be one of struggle and hardship. Life was designed to be adventurousfulfillinginspiring, and entertaining. Life also depends on whether we choose to hold on to our crap for fear of being authentic, or allow others to continue to lay their crap at our feet giving us more stuff to move through.

Graphic? Perhaps, but we’ve had enough of the sugar-coated poo. It’s time for us to regain control of our lives, and be the masters of our creations versus innocent bystanders who stand in front of fans when the shift hits.

We may not all have been “blessed” with green thumbs, but that shouldn’t stop us from tending to the garden of our lives. And the first step starts with us. Changing how we think and believe life should be. Moving from a place of victimhood, or Poo-dom, and into a place of self-loveacceptance, and gratitude. We simply cannot create anything beautiful if we’re always tending to the weeds… the crap. In order to live the life of our dreams, we need to focus on the things that we really want, and know we deserve. Only then can our garden flourish and bring us more joy. Continue reading

When the Shift Hits… Be the Fan!

Change is inevitable. Every day, we change our minds; change lanes, and hopefully, our underwear too! But what matters most is how present and ready we are when these changes come about. Do we use these reminders as a means to appreciate where we are, or are we too caught up in with no thoughts toward our actions?

Thanks to technology, life has sped up in such a way that one can either desperately try to keep up, or be in fear of being lost in the race. Our bodies weren’t designed to move at the pace we’re moving in today. Our systems cannot handle always being in fight or flight mode. Yet, we can look at “flight” as not something we’re running away from, but more as a space where we embrace more freedom to be ourselves.

Humanity is ready for great change. All around the world, people are standing up and actively participating in the change they want to see. All around the world, more and more people are seeking authenticity in their lives. Continue reading

Preserving A Dying “Breed”

As I read story after story of people performing and supporting genetic testing to eradicate autism… prenatal style, I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach.

This continued intolerance of a community that only wants to love, be loved and accepted, seems to be at the forefront of possible extinction.

Why the fear? I’d like to think that being in the midst of centuries old civil unrest and living in communities where mass genocide at the hands of those who have overstepped their boundaries and have become power hungry to be a significantly worse “fate”. Continue reading

Vaccines and Body Counts?

Well, it is obvious that I have been hiding under a rock for several months because I can’t believe I’ve missed a lot of what’s been slinging around the autism community lately.

There’s been much talk about Dr. Wakefield, and now some Danish doctor, Poul Thorsen, is under seige. The wars never cease!

While so not minding my own business, I was browsing through the autism news headlines on the blog, Left Brain Right Brain. This blog hosts some interesting stuff that often makes me go, “hmmmmmmm”. Continue reading

Speaking Out for A Silent Culture

As children, the strength of our voices is determined by our parents. If you were raised in a household where children were supposed to be seen and not heard, then speaking out and standing up for your needs would have been a difficult task that would inevitably worsen the older you got.

This was my upbringing.

Too often, I was told that I wasn’t to air our dirty laundry in public or discuss family business with strangers. I was also told to just be quiet, particularly, during those times when my parents were tired and didn’t want to be bothered. Continue reading

The Soul Song of Autism

To say I have learned more than I could have every imagined on this journey would be a gross understatement. It has been 5 years since I received my son’s diagnosis, and as I look back over those years, I am awestruck by how amazing this precious boy is.

Every time I look into his eyes, I see so much love… unconditional love. At times, this love seemed too overwhelming for me to embrace because I had limiting beliefs that I was unworthy and undeserving of something so pure. Continue reading

Looking For Acceptance In All The Wrong Places

It appears that I may have stumbled on a theme for this month which I find quite fitting. And I can’t think of a better theme to choose for the first month of any year than acceptance.

Accepting oneself and accepting others.

When Doug Flutie went on Oprah and spoke of his son’s autism, folks just scratched their heads because, at that time, autism wasn’t a household name. Continue reading

My Disdain for Laundry

I’m not a fan of doing laundry. Quite frankly, the only reason I do it at all is because I’m a pretty big fan of clean undies.

But this post isn’t about my underwear, and for shame on me for sharing something that intimate. ;)

This post is about allergies. It’s about why most people on the spectrum seem to have a ridiculously long list of the what-nots in their lives. It’s about my son, and oh, it’s about me too! ;) Continue reading

The Long Journey to Autism Acceptance

It has been over a year since I began this blog, and the journey has been one of great learning for me.

Like most parents raising a child or children on the spectrum, I found myself going through various stages. I felt myself going through motions that seemed so foreign to me because I didn’t want anyone to look at me and think, “Oh my! There goes ANOTHER mom not doing EVERYTHING to rid her life of autism!”. Continue reading

I’m Too Sexy for Autism.

It is hard to find someone who is not familiar with the catchy, foot stompin’, butt shakin’, ’90s tune by Right Said Fred.  You know the one… where the megalomaniac lead singer is prancing about the video talking about how he’s too sexy for this and that?

Well, the catwalk’s got a new gig, and it is “shakin’ its little tushy” for autism. Continue reading

Autism and Genetically Modified Foods.

It is common for a person with autism to have certain food allergies.  And it is also common, within the community, for those individuals to be on very restrictive diets; the more popular being GFCF (Gluten-free Casein-free).

Although, precautionary measures are taken to ensure one does not consume foods containing any triggers, some thought may not be given to whether or not the allergen-free foods are manufactured by companies who do not use genetically modified ingredients. Continue reading

The Naked Truth about the Flu Vaccine.

According to a recent article, 70% of doctors and nurses and 62% of health care workers do NOT receive this annual vaccination.  What’s even more surprising is their reasons for not doing so:

  • They didn’t believe the vaccine would work
  • They believed their immune systems were strong enough to withstand exposure to the flu
  • They were concerned about side effects

My son has never received the vaccine, and it’s not because of the vaccine-autism “link”.  I just never Continue reading

Time to Change How You Think About Autism.

With so many people and organizations trying to rid the world of autism, those of us who are do not think along these lines feel a sense of urgency for the greater need to raise positive awareness.

While others are seeking for acceptance in how they were born, others simply want to ensure that autism is no longer part of their lives.

To eradicate something that defines, in many ways, who a person is and how they interact with the world is what some scientists, researchers, and parents are attempting to do at an alarming rate. Continue reading

ADHD: Life Under Siege?

Like autism, ADHD has become a common diagnosis among youth.  There are currently 5 million children in America living with the disorder, and the “symptoms” can be exacerbated due to lack of treatment (i.e. medication, dietary restrictions, behavioral therapy, etc.).

And like autism, ADHD also affects boys more often then girls.

What is ADHD?

Almost all children have behavior issues from time to time. But, for children with ADHD, behavior problems are persistent and occur over a long period of time. For a child with ADHD, their symptoms can create challenges all day, every day. Continue reading

Living with Alzheimer’s While Raising Autism

A medical diagnosis, of any kind, can be life-altering.  A life that once offered some measure of stability would now be forever changed.

In 2005, our family received two blows to our way of living.  That April, my son was diagnosed with autism, and a few months later, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

What is very interesting about the two disorders is they both affect a person’s neurodevelopment; however, the affects are experienced at the opposite ends of a person’s life.  While autism affects the youth and how they interact with the world, Alzheimer’s typically affects the elderly (over 65) and, ultimately, their interaction with the world outside. Continue reading

American “Autism”: The Friendly Skies?

Traveling can be challenging.

Enter your neighborhood airport, and you’ll be faced with long security lines, crowded concourses, uncomfortable waiting areas, and once you’ve dealt with that, there’s still the hustle and bustle of trying to get in your seat without being ran over by other passengers seeking to do the same.

Now, if you’re a person with autism, the challenge is dealing with this seemingly chaotic situation without having a meltdown. Continue reading

Autism: The “Invisible” Disorder.

Autism doesn’t have a “look”.

Down Syndrome, Spinal Bifida, and Cerebral Palsy all have one thing in common. They have a “look”. When you encounter a person with one of these different abilities, you can see their uniqueness.

However, if you were to encounter a person with autism, you wouldn’t know that there was more to them than what you see, and for some observers, seeing is believing. Continue reading

Transitioning with Autism.

I am often asked about how Nicholas “deals with change”, and my response regularly receives raised brows for he adjusts pretty well to the new and unfamiliar.  His hand flapping may be briefly exacerbated, but the smile never leaves his face.

While traveling to California which happened to be nearly a 1,500-mile drive, unlike a neurotypical child, I didn’t hear, “Are we there yet?’ nor did I hear sighs of anguish for being stuck in a car longer than 2 minutes.  What I did hear was laughter, singing, or silence whenever I spied him in deep thought or simply taking in the scenery. Continue reading

Calming Autism.

You’re probably getting tired of me always plugging Twitter, but I can’t help myself!  The place rocks!

A couple of weeks ago, one of my Tweeps approached me to review an auditory calming system manufactured by his company, B-CalmSound.com!

I’m all for testing new gadgets, so I said, “Yes!”

At first glance, the system just looks like your average mp3 player, but it’s the sound tracks that deliver the gifts. Continue reading

Autism: An Adult Perspective.

I have been very fortunate to have met some pretty amazing people on Twitter.  There is one person who I’ve only recently had contact with that I find extremely fascinating.  His name is Michael Riedel, and he is an adult living on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Michael contacted me via my book site, and we’ve been communicating almost daily ever since.  He is 25, gainfully employed, and has many interests. Continue reading

Divorce on the Autism Spectrum.

The odds of a couple living in marital bliss aren’t as high when you’re living with autism.  Reports have stated that the divorce rate is a staggering 80%.

Some would say that the diagnosis is too overwhelming while others say that the marriage foundation wasn’t solid to begin with, and autism was the catalyst to “part ways”.

My situation doesn’t fall into either category as I was a single mother for years before I met my husband, and I was not married to his biological father.  Although, we have not been married long, we have, nonetheless, come to an impasse. Continue reading

Reiki My Autism!

UPDATE: I am now a Reiki Master in 3 lineages, and I also utilize other energy modalities such as crystals and sound healing.  To learn more about how I can assist you on your journey, CLICK HERE!

Now that I have your attention, you’re probably wondering about the title.  You’re probably wondering what Reiki has to do with Autism and vice versa.  For all I know, you may be wondering, “What in Sam Hill is Reiki”?

All valid ponderings that I will explore in depth throughout this post.

If you read my post, The Autistic Revolution“, you know that I am exploring other “options” when it comes to autism and why it is has manifested in such great numbers. Continue reading

Autism: Not only “Made in the USA”

There’s World Autism Awareness Day and National Autism Awareness Month, but for those of us living with autism, raising awareness is an every day thing.

As the number of children being diagnosed with autism continues to rise so will the need to raise awareness.

Autism is not just a disorder that affects only American children.   Autism is global!

There are approximately 67 million people living with autism today, and this number only includes those who have received an official diagnosis. Continue reading

“The Autistic Revolution”

This is the title of a DVD by Abraham-Hicks.  The subtitle is Children in the Time of Awakening.

A Twitter friend, @AffirmingSpirit, told me about this video by way of a DM (direct message).  I’ve enclosed it at the end of this post for your own viewing.

After watching this excerpt, I became immediately interested in seeing the whole video, so I bought it. Continue reading

Everyone Needs A Hero!

There was a time in my life when I felt that I didn’t need anyone!

I was raised to “think for myself” and “do for myself” which at the time seemed a bit harsh.  I mean was I really to go through life not accepting or even desiring the help of others?

Well, it has taken me a huge chunk of this life to realize that ‘that way’ of thinking isn’t always the healthiest way of thinking.

I am stubborn, almost unrelenting in my stance, and this bad programing has, at times, caused me more harm than good. Continue reading

Cali’s Political B-Slap Towards Autism

If I wasn’t in a constant state of “guarding my thoughts carefully, and only allowing loving & positive thoughts to come through”, I would have something slightly unpleasant to say about the state that is listed on my birth certificate.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that insurance companies in California would have to pay for speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Continue reading

“Cop Tasers Autistic Boy Unconscious”

This is the headline from an online paper.

I am literally devoid of feeling right now.  My mind is completely blank, yet I am typing this post.

I am at a loss for words and emotion because this story is so incredulous that it seems surreal.  This story reminds me of a  Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt episode… gone horribly wrong.

However, I am very confident that justice will prevail.  It is my hope that the Bells will be able to find a Continue reading

A Very Special Sorority.

Although, I obtained my BA, I was never one for sororities.   However, life sure is funny because I now find myself part of a sorority I don’t remember joining yet I am very grateful for the sisterhood.

To You, My Sisters
By Maureen K. Higgins

Many of you I have never even met face to face, but I’ve searched you out every day. I’ve looked for you on the Internet, on playgrounds and in grocery stores. Continue reading

It’s Not OK to Kill!

Some Oklahomans won’t ever get it, but here’s hoping they will.

I can understand some of their concerns, but it would have been really nice if these “lawmakers” had actually taken the time to hear the bill.

It would have been nice if they had taken the time to review the laws of the states that have already passed similar laws.

It would have been nice, but I guess nice isn’t part of their vocabulary. Continue reading

Going into Cyber Hibernation.

I haven’t been taking the time to smell the roses lately, and life is quickly passing me by.

Soon, my prince will be 8 years, and I don’t want to be left wandering where the years went.  I want to be the parent who can account for practically every blessed moment.

I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging, but I have also allowed this little activity to consume much of my time.  Although, I am an excellent mutli-tasker, I have let my online activities get the better of me. Continue reading

Homeschool H.E. Double Hockey Sticks!

Disclaimer: My son is homeschooled (son as in I only have one child).  I just found this video to be really funny since this is how most people in our society “see” homeschooling families. Thanks to @MrsChico for the heads up!

“You’re Doing Fine, Oklahoma!”

My husband and I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma as our health insurance provider.  Now, some of you may have groaned when you read that since BCBS isn’t known, by some, as being the best provider.

Then again, some of you may have cheered because you absolutely love BCBS, and you wouldn’t leave your health benefits in some other provider’s hands, so to speak.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about parents demanding autism benefits from health insurance companies.  Just Google “autism health insurance”, and you’ll get 1.5M pages to check out. Continue reading

Death by Sweetener.

As a mother to a child with autism, I am already very careful about what my son does and does not consume.  However, there was some recent news that I found deeply disturbing.

I have often said that there is more to the extreme rise in childhood disorders these days, particularly autism, than just vaccines.

You already know my stance on other contributing factors such as our severe environmental changes and other toxic and unnecessary food additives. Continue reading

Revisiting… One WILD Ride!

As you all know, I was pretty busy the last 10 days globe trottin’ around the web all in the name of autism.

I had the pleasure of “visiting” several blogs, forums, and organizational sites to not only promote my new book, In My Mind, but also to discuss life with autism.

Hosts, from all over, took the virtual book tour as an opportunity to “interview” me and learn more about me. Continue reading


Update: I know this is Wordless Wednesday, but I wanted everyone to know that this picture is the logo of a great blog called, you guessed it, Autism is beautiful!

Being A Good Bra!

Last night, I got all serious and what-not, I mean really serious, and I thought I’d keep the tone of tonight’s post… light-hearted.

I’d like to tell you more about an organization I’m involved with.

No, it isn’t some underground movement whose dastardly plan is world domination… although, that would be pretty cool. {wink} Continue reading

Stopping the Hatred.

Disclaimer: The quotes within this post are not for the sensitive.

Another week has passed, and most of it seems like a blur to me now.   I’ve been so busy with my virtual book tour that it almost feels like I’ve been online, all day, every day of this week.

Regardless, I still have blogging to do that doesn’t have a thing to do with my tour.

So, let’s get on with it… shall we?

This week’s Freaky Friday post goes to a young woman named Tanja (Koch) Fleischer who, much to my chagrin, waged a flaming war against autism last summer.

Continue reading

Knowing When to Let Go.

Folks who know me pretty well know that I’ve been “searching” for ways to be “at peace” with my yesterdays of many days gone by as well as “searching” for ways that will alleviate my “need-to-know-what-is-yet-to-come” … right now.

I cannot tell you how many books or CDs or podcasts or web bookmarks I have that offer up the information I seek.

I also cannot tell you why I have been unable to connect with this information that is so readily available to me. Continue reading

Waiting… sucks!

Some day, autism resources will be bountiful and waiting lists will be a thing of the past, and we’ll gather ’round, holding hands, rejoicing and singing the Age of Aquarius while sun rays beam out of our butts.

Until that day comes, parents like me will have to keep walking the walk!

I had a brief conversation with @CemeterySpot on Twitter this morning… he was curious about whether or not there was a list that compared autism services by state.  Excellent question for someone not living with it. Continue reading

“The Freaks Come Out at Night!”

The title of this blog, which was also a groovy tune back in my heyday, rings loudly in my head whenever I read something about autism so incredulous that it makes the blood in my veins practically freeze.

{Note to self… really need to get crack-a-lackin’ on that meditation practice before said self kills over from those things that are not supposed to get to me.  Self?  Are you listening?  Breathe in… breathe out!}

The other day, one of my internet autism buddies told me about another blogger’s post that, for the first time since its debut, had brought up the subject of “autism”. Continue reading

“Missing Pieces”

There isn’t a whole lot that I can say about the emotions I felt after watching this video.

Every time I watch it feels like the first time. This song is just another way people are raising awareness for autism… in a positive way.

The artist does not blame or point fingers… this song is just his way of sharing with the world how his life has been touched by autism. Continue reading

Do It to Give Back, Not to Get Rich.

I don’t know why eyebrows raise whenever I mention that a portion of my book’s proceeds benefit the Tulsa Autism Foundation.

Apparently, donating a portion of one’s royalty fundage isn’t something you hear a first-time author doing.  And from the looks of things, most well-established authors don’t partake in this little activity either.

Why is that? Continue reading


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