“Let’s Give ‘Em Something…” to JOKE about!

Yes, the title of this post was inspired by a snazzy Bonnie Raitt tune, but this post isn’t about her. Nope!  It’s about Hollywood’s latest film… that thinks it’s OKAY to joke about Autism!!

Take a gander at this clip from 21 Jump Street… 21st Century silver screen version, and you’ll see what I mean. Continue reading

Preserving A Dying “Breed”

As I read story after story of people performing and supporting genetic testing to eradicate autism… prenatal style, I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach.

This continued intolerance of a community that only wants to love, be loved and accepted, seems to be at the forefront of possible extinction.

Why the fear? I’d like to think that being in the midst of centuries old civil unrest and living in communities where mass genocide at the hands of those who have overstepped their boundaries and have become power hungry to be a significantly worse “fate”. Continue reading

I’m Too Sexy for Autism.

It is hard to find someone who is not familiar with the catchy, foot stompin’, butt shakin’, ’90s tune by Right Said Fred.  You know the one… where the megalomaniac lead singer is prancing about the video talking about how he’s too sexy for this and that?

Well, the catwalk’s got a new gig, and it is “shakin’ its little tushy” for autism. Continue reading

Time to Change How You Think About Autism.

With so many people and organizations trying to rid the world of autism, those of us who are do not think along these lines feel a sense of urgency for the greater need to raise positive awareness.

While others are seeking for acceptance in how they were born, others simply want to ensure that autism is no longer part of their lives.

To eradicate something that defines, in many ways, who a person is and how they interact with the world is what some scientists, researchers, and parents are attempting to do at an alarming rate. Continue reading

Autism: Not only “Made in the USA”

There’s World Autism Awareness Day and National Autism Awareness Month, but for those of us living with autism, raising awareness is an every day thing.

As the number of children being diagnosed with autism continues to rise so will the need to raise awareness.

Autism is not just a disorder that affects only American children.   Autism is global!

There are approximately 67 million people living with autism today, and this number only includes those who have received an official diagnosis. Continue reading

Cali’s Political B-Slap Towards Autism

If I wasn’t in a constant state of “guarding my thoughts carefully, and only allowing loving & positive thoughts to come through”, I would have something slightly unpleasant to say about the state that is listed on my birth certificate.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that insurance companies in California would have to pay for speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Continue reading

“Cop Tasers Autistic Boy Unconscious”

This is the headline from an online paper.

I am literally devoid of feeling right now.  My mind is completely blank, yet I am typing this post.

I am at a loss for words and emotion because this story is so incredulous that it seems surreal.  This story reminds me of a  Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt episode… gone horribly wrong.

However, I am very confident that justice will prevail.  It is my hope that the Bells will be able to find a Continue reading

“You’re Doing Fine, Oklahoma!”

My husband and I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma as our health insurance provider.  Now, some of you may have groaned when you read that since BCBS isn’t known, by some, as being the best provider.

Then again, some of you may have cheered because you absolutely love BCBS, and you wouldn’t leave your health benefits in some other provider’s hands, so to speak.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about parents demanding autism benefits from health insurance companies.  Just Google “autism health insurance”, and you’ll get 1.5M pages to check out. Continue reading

Stopping the Hatred.

Disclaimer: The quotes within this post are not for the sensitive.

Another week has passed, and most of it seems like a blur to me now.   I’ve been so busy with my virtual book tour that it almost feels like I’ve been online, all day, every day of this week.

Regardless, I still have blogging to do that doesn’t have a thing to do with my tour.

So, let’s get on with it… shall we?

This week’s Freaky Friday post goes to a young woman named Tanja (Koch) Fleischer who, much to my chagrin, waged a flaming war against autism last summer.

Continue reading

Waiting… sucks!

Some day, autism resources will be bountiful and waiting lists will be a thing of the past, and we’ll gather ’round, holding hands, rejoicing and singing the Age of Aquarius while sun rays beam out of our butts.

Until that day comes, parents like me will have to keep walking the walk!

I had a brief conversation with @CemeterySpot on Twitter this morning… he was curious about whether or not there was a list that compared autism services by state.  Excellent question for someone not living with it. Continue reading

Around the World in 10 Days! Globe Trottin’ for Autism!

Join author, Adonya Wong, as she trots around the globe for autism, visiting various websites and blogs during her first-ever virtual book tour!

She will be sharing her thoughts on living with autism, writing, getting published, and future works.  In addition to these interviews, you can read reviews of In My Mind and listen to an audio interview by Autism Hangout.

Adonya’s “Globe Trottin’ for Autism” VBT begins January 19 and ends January 29.

In My Mind VBTIn My Mind creatively explores, through the form of a children’s picture book, the inner world of an autistic child… the world no one else seems to see.   From exciting adventures to silly games and conversations with a range of imaginary friends, the main character of the story, inspired by her son, Nicholas, brings readers into his world to demonstrate how a child with autism sees the world, and, in turn, how the world often sees a child with autism.

Additionally, In My Mind isn’t about defining autism by her own experience. “The book is more my way of trying to ‘explain,’ in an adventurous way, a few of the things my son, and others with autism, do. It’s my perception of how a child with autism sees the world, and, in turn, how the world sees him.”


In My Mind, I see many colors, bright like a rainbow, shooting about like comets in the night sky. [turn page] What you see is a child staring into nothing.

One lucky reader will win a beautiful gift basket containing an autographed copy of her book, a copy of Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wish You Knew, packages of Enjoy Life™ and Namaste Foods™ goodies, an eco-friendly cleaning starter kit (Whole Foods® 365™ brand), and (1) $50 Amazon.com gift card!!  This prize is valued at $200!!!

**Simply comment about your relationship with autism and what you are doing to raise awareness and how In My Mind has touched your life (I realize not everyone has a copy of In My Mind, so don’t let that stop you from commenting and upping your chances of winning the giveaway!).   Be sure to visit all of her stops to qualify for this amazing prize!**

Tour Itinerary

Monday, January 19

Host: Bonnie Sayers, Autism Family Adventures

Tuesday, January 20

Host: Matt Gilbert, Doctorious.org

Wednesday, January 21

Host: MaryTara Wurmser, The Bon Bon Gazette

Thursday, January 22

Host: Katrina Shanks, The Queen’s Pen

Friday, January 23

Host: Sunshine Boatright, Rawtism Raw Life

Saturday, January 24

Host: Andrea S., My Autism Insights

Sunday, January 25

Host: Lori Guthrie, Rainbow Mum Forum

Monday, January 26

Host: Tim Welsh, Tanner’s Dad’s Blog

Tuesday, January 27

Host: Kari Wolfe, Imperfect Clarity

Wednesday, January 28

Host: Tammy Lessick, Autism Learning Felt

Thursday, January 29

Host: Adonya Wong, Healing… Through the Eyes of Autism

Vaccine-Autism Link Put to the Test.

Good Morning America is doing a great job raising awareness for autism.  I’ve already mentioned their OnCall+Autism series.

Today, the released a report about how the government is now examining the link between vaccines and autism.  It also appears that this examination may be looking at mitochondrial disorders as the “culprit”.

Government health agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institutes of Health, met in Indianapolis Sunday to discuss whether cellular diseases known as mitochondrial disorders should be considered in research on autism.

At the heart of the issue for many specialists and concerned parents is whether vaccines — suspected by some people as being a cause of autism — might trigger mitochondrial disorders, which lead to autism.

One of the people at the meeting in Indianapolis was Jon Poling, father of 9-year old Hannah Poling, who was diagnosed with autism after receiving a series of vaccines.

Poling, who is also a neurologist, said he believes the vaccines may have aggravated a pre-existing condition, called mitochondrial disease, which in turn, led to Hannah’s autism.

Some hope that this meeting will generate more research.

Hmmm, “vaccines – – suspected by some people as being the cause of autism” is an understatement to say the least…


Those people, as well as others who don’t blame vaccines, are looking for answers.

Perhaps, this examination will offer just that.

“Don’t buy the vaccines-autism myth”

It’s pretty obvious my pogo stick is fixed tonight because I found this one when I ventured over to WorldNetDaily.

I’m not going to say much because you already know where I stand.  I just found this article interesting… and I think you will too.

Here’s a little teaser for you.

For some reason, however, otherwise rational human beings seem to suspend their better judgment where medical technology is concerned. I refer specifically to the growing movement whose members are today spreading the false notion that getting your children vaccinated will somehow give them autism. Some frightened parents are reacting by applying lengthened vaccination schedules – or skipping certain vaccinations completely.

Is it me, or does the author, Phil Elmore, look a little like Savage?

Sans glasses?

Never mind… I found Savage’s twin.  Sorry about that, Phil.

Is Autism the New Generation of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?

Until two days ago, I had never heard of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).  Wanting to know more about it, I decided to do some light research.

Here’s a little something that offers a brief explanation for what MCS is.

MCS means an unusually severe sensitivity or allergy-like reaction to many different kinds of pollutants including solvents, VOCs, perfumes, petrol, diesel, smoke, “chemicals” in general regarded and often encompasses problems with regard to pollen, house dust mites, and pet fur & dander.

MCS unlike “true” allergies – where the underlying mechanisms of the problem are relatively well understood & widely accepted – is generally regarded as “idiopathic” – meaning that it has no known mechanism of causation & its processes are not fully understood. {Source: www.multiplechemicalsensitivity.org}

This brings me back to a previous post where I mentioned Karen Slimak and a study of VOCs and their effects on humans (It appears that people have been speaking of the VOC-autism connection for some time now, and it’s only recently that folks are buzzing about it. (present company included))

One of the things that remains constant in some of my findings is that vaccines are being tagged as being the sole causation for the majority of newly diagnosed autism cases.

The CDC‘s site states that “ensuring those vaccines are potent, sterile, and safe requires the addition of minute amounts of chemical additives.”

They also state that these “chemicals are added to vaccines to inactivate a virus or bacteria and stabilize the vaccine, helping to preserve the vaccine and prevent it from losing its potency over time.  The amount of chemical additives found in vaccines is very small.  All routinely recommended pediatric vaccines manufactured for the U.S. market contain no Thimerosal or only trace amounts.”

I would think that there has to be a better way to “stabilize the vaccine”.

Most of the vaccine-autism cries have been about Thimerosal, but what about the rest of the “ingredients” in vaccines?

Those chemicals that are part of the 100,000 that are contaminating the entire planet at an alarming rate?

What about them?

I can see how some would argue that their children were fine until they were pumped full of harmful ingredients, often getting more vaccinations at once than seemed necessary.

I can see that.  Really I can.

Jenny wants greener vaccines, and I agree.  They should be cleaner.  However, it would be nice if she also rallied just as hard for a greener environment as a whole, (federal mandates requiring the use of renewable energy; federal mandates requiring nationwide mandatory recycling, etc.)

That brings me back to MCS.

I believe that the government knows the cause of autism and other NDDs, but there isn’t any money in decreasing the rate of people being diagnosed each year.

Synthetic chemicals = big dollars (thereby, allowing industries to keep up with consumer demand for better, smaller, and cheaper goods.)

Medical research = big dollars for the pharmaceutical companies (increases the production of new meds for our never-ending list of ailments).

Now, before you go calling me a conspirator, I’m merely saying that there is more money in constantly “researching for a cure”, instead of actually eliminating the culprits that cause illness.

I came across an interesting article that doesn’t mention the author, but they go on to state,

The implications however go beyond the vaccines/mercury/autism debate. If impairment of a natural glutathione-based detoxification mechanism can explain why some people seem to be more sensitive to environmental factors than others, perhaps a solution can be found to multiple chemical sensitivity, a problem that has been “pushed under the carpet” by chemical industry and compliant medical authorities for understandable reasons. Liabilities for the contaminators would be huge were it discovered that the toxins they produce actually do cause illness and suffering on a large scale.

Again, if every household stopped using toxic household cleaners and started using greener options, then maybe we would see some significant and positive changes in our children’s health.  You should also demand to see the vaccine package insert… should you choose to vaccinate your child(ren).

There are other triggers to the what-causes-autism concern, and I’m not saying that vaccines aren’t one of them.

We just need to consider all of the options and stop the vaccine = autism paranoia that has swept across this nation like a virus.

I wonder if there’s a vaccine for that…

Dazed and Confused?

I know I’m going to get hate mail for this post, and to that, I can only sigh.  But I want you to remember one thing as you read this post… this is MY healing journey.

It seems that everyone I talk to wants to know how Nicholas “got autism”.

How the heck do I know?

Have you heard reference to my name as being an expert in the field of communication sciences and neurological disorders?

Have you read pages upon pages of research data that I’ve written regarding autism and its cause?


Unlike a lot of parents out there, I didn’t lose my son after he received his MMR.  He’s still the same perky, curious, entertaining boy he was back then.

But there is one thing that hasn’t changed for him through the years, and that’s his level of communication.  Although, he’s a HUGE scripter, it has only been recently that we’ve been hearing a lot of spontaneous speech… which is groovy!

I know you’ve heard me bring up Jenny before, but I need to make something very clear… I do not support NOR discount her theory.

Again… I am NOT an expert!

{Side note: Yes, I still think Amanda, Mike, and Denis are cruel (playing nice here) for the things they’ve said about us and our children.  So, don’t go thinkin’ I’ve switched teams or anything ridiculous like that!}

I know that not much changed for Nicholas after he was fully vaccinated (being a Navy veteran, he was vaccinated like clockwork.).

I also know that the world he was born into (2001) was significantly more toxic than the world I was born into (1968).

As mothers, we were smart enough to stay away from tuna during pregnancy (because of possible Mercury exposure); I’m not sure why we didn’t do the same when it came to vaccinations (notice I said, “we”?).

With all of the resources available to us, I wonder why none of us researched vaccines before we had our children injected?  (again.. notice I said, “we”?)

The blame can’t be placed solely on the medical community.

There’s has to be some measure of parental accountability as well.

I’m sorry, but I can’t join the army of folks blaming vaccines when there are other KEY factors to consider.

Like them, I, too, am baffled by the increase in vaccines children receive today.  Was there an increase in diseases?

Like them, I don’t understand why the vaccines, of today, have to have so many toxins in them.  Is it really necessary?

But vaccines can’t be the only problem.

Like I said, the world today isn’t the same as yesterday.

With at least 100,000 synthetic chemicals floating around today, how can I place the blame solely on them?

In addition, only a handful of these chemicals have been tested for their “effects on humans”.

How can I say that the vaccines (specifically, the MMR) stole my son when it could have very well been my parents, or my grandparents, or my great-grandparents’ et al “fault”?

Believe me when I say there are far better things I would have preferred my son inherited from them… like say, a hefty trust fund?!?!?

How can I say it was the vaccines when I was the one who used to spray Raid around like it was water and used harsh cleaning products (like bleach, Tilex™, and the lot) because the green stuff didn’t seem “powerful enough” for me? (key words… USED TO, don’t anymore!)

Riddle me this… if a product “kills 99% of germs” doesn’t that in turn make that product TOXIC?

Anyhoo, here’s a rather interesting bit of 411 I found while trolling the web:

According to a 2005 study commissioned by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in cooperation with The American Red Cross on the umbilical cord of blood of newborns, 287 different industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides were found including mercury, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans, pesticides, and chemicals from flame retardants, PCBs, industrial lubricants, plastics, Teflon, Scotchgard, industrial bleaches, electrical insulators, coal-fired power plants, vehicle emissions, and wood preservatives,all of which are known to cause health complications in humans, to be toxic to the brain and nervous system, and to cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.

There are some key words that stick out like sore thumbs here…

They are: “Study on… umbilical cord”. (You’re welcome to read the rest if you’re feelin’ frisky.)

So, I ask you again…

How can I say it was the vaccines that caused my son’s autism?

I can’t.

“It’s Just Plain False… that Vaccines Cause Autism”

I personally think that Sen. Barack Obama may be wavering on this issue of “vaccines cause autism” because he’s already in hot water over comments by his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the autism and vaccines thing is somewhat of a “controversial” issue for some people (for those who know better, it’s not………it’s just plain false, that vaccines cause autism.)

What is interesting about the portion of the quote in parentheses is the fact that it’s coming from a person living on the spectrum.  Someone who has firsthand knowledge of what being autistic is all about.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that I’ve never heard or read a statement like this from someone on the autistic side of the vaccination “debate”.

It’s late, and I’m a bit tired.  Maybe I didn’t read it correctly, but it sure does look pretty cut-n-dry to me, “it’s just plain false… that vaccines cause autism.”

I consider myself to be a very open-minded person, and I’m always up for hearing different points of view.

I’m very curious to know, if I understood the statement correctly, what this blogger feels “caused” his autism.

The jury’s been out on this issue for some time now.

  • Is it the vaccines?
  • Is it the dramatic changes in the environment?
  • Is it hereditary?

Who knows when we’ll reach a verdict that both sides will agree on.

Autism is complex; I don’t know why I’m always trying to figure it out.  I guess I just want to know as much as possible, so I can do more for my son.

Slow Behind the 8 Ball!

I don’t read a lot of parenting magazines. Most of them don’t represent my life. I don’t recognize myself or my life in the pictures or stories which is why I missed a rather scathing stab by actress, Amanda Peet, at non-vaccinating parents in the July issue of Cookie.

Peet stated, “Frankly, I feel that parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites.”


Let’s take a deeper look at that word, shall we?

Biology An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.

Wow! I contribute nothing?

I’ll be honest. If autism hadn’t come into my life, I’d be just like Peet. Misinformed, judgmental, biased. The list goes on.

But I’m not like her. My life isn’t privileged. I don’t have celebrity status to stand behind and use to insult families who have been living with this disorder for decades.

I’m sure if it were up to Peet, our children would be institutionalized so we wouldn’t infect/harm the herd!

Don’t let the exclamations fool you. I’m really not angry. I’m numb.

I don’t understand how Peet could vocalize her disdain for something she knows nothing about? How could she judge someone else’s choices when her life is “normal”?

Worse yet, how can she look herself in the mirror while sitting on the very panel that points the how-dare-you finger at moms like me?

She doesn’t get it. I know this to be true.

Peet, in a later interview with Good Morning America, stated, “I didn’t mean to show disdain, and I did and do apologize for the use of the word ‘parasites,'” she said. “But I do in no way, shape or form retract my position or the meaning behind the use of the word, which is that if there are vast reductions in herd immunity, our children will be at risk.”

Um. She apologized for using the word ‘parasites’ but doesn’t want us to retract from the meaning behind the use of the word?


How can you apologize for something without really apologizing?

Am I the only one who’s confused here?

Does she not know that we’re not anti-vaccinations? If she had been paying attention, she would have realized that all of the rallying is about making the vaccines safer for our children by removing the dangerous and unnecessary toxins from them.

It never ceases to amaze me how critical people can be of others who make choices that aren’t considered “mainstream”.

  • If you compost… you’re a weirdo.I
  • If you recycle… you’re a weirdo.
  • If you drive an electric car… you’re a weirdo.
  • If you don’t vaccinate… you’re a parasite.

Judging doesn’t solve anything. Nothing good has ever come from it.

“I’m not disabled. I’m Sick?” The Road to Autism “Recovery”.

Today, I read a very interesting article at one of my favorite online pit stops, Age of Autism.  It really got me thinking.  If this mother can recover her child from autism, naturally (through raw foods, energy healing, etc.), then why isn’t this information widely available?

I know of the supplements, the bio-chemical therapies, and the like that can benefit my son, but I’m more interested in sticking to the recovery path that is as natural as possible.

Having fully transitioned into the holistic (green) lifestyle a little over a year ago, I’m done putting junk into my family’s environment (internal and external).

Lately, the media has been comparing one mother’s choice (Jenny McCarthy) over another’s (Amanda Peet). It is conflicts like this that keep the “judging” eyes on holistic parents and our decisions.

Parents choosing to not vaccinate their children is nothing new. We’ve all heard of the 60s! We’re just the new generation of informed parents.

If Amanda Peet et al want to criticize our choices, that’s life. I’m not going to get all worked up over it. She chose to “educate” herself by “doing the research” and still injected garbage into her child. That’s her prerogative.

Me? I chose the ignorant route because I thought the medical providers knew better. I trusted them. My son received his unnecessary doses of chemicalized crap!

Of course, those days are dead and buried, and I’m not as trusting as I once was.

At times, I feel I have no other choice but to retain the label that was stamped on my son’s forehead some time ago. I believe, and hope, I will finally be free of this label once he is fully recovered. People not living with the disability can be a bit ignorant (i.e. staring, not willing to understand, etc.).

In a sense, I have the label to protect him.

Of course, one lady told me, “He isn’t autistic; he has autism. Demons go by many names.” {sigh} Just another one who’s flown over the cuckoo’s nest!

One day at a time… one step at a time.


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