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[HOW-TO] Be More Compassionate (An Autism Story)

This is a story about autism… on Broadway!

I follow a page that recently shared a post about a mother who brought her beautiful Prince to one of your shows.. and the near mutiny that followed when he was deemed unworthy of being in the presence of the other patrons.  The author’s words moved me beyond measure, and while reading his post, I became overcome with emotion.

I felt anger; I felt sadness; and in the end, I felt pure, unadulterated love.

As you read the following, I invite you to step into the shoes of the mother and child… from their vantage point, how would you feel? Continue reading

Amy Schumer Thinks Autism Is A Joke

First, there was Ice Cube joking about autism. Now, there’s Amy.

In the video below, one of the dog owner’s states that she followed Jenny McCartney’s advice about not vaccinating her pet because doing so would cause “pawtism”.  #disgusted Continue reading

“Let’s Give ‘Em Something…” to JOKE about!

Yes, the title of this post was inspired by a snazzy Bonnie Raitt tune, but this post isn’t about her. Nope!  It’s about Hollywood’s latest film… that thinks it’s OKAY to joke about Autism!!

Take a gander at this clip from 21 Jump Street… 21st Century silver screen version, and you’ll see what I mean. Continue reading

Preserving A Dying “Breed”

As I read story after story of people performing and supporting genetic testing to eradicate autism… prenatal style, I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach.

This continued intolerance of a community that only wants to love, be loved and accepted, seems to be at the forefront of possible extinction.

Why the fear? I’d like to think that being in the midst of centuries old civil unrest and living in communities where mass genocide at the hands of those who have overstepped their boundaries and have become power hungry to be a significantly worse “fate”. Continue reading

I’m Too Sexy for Autism.

It is hard to find someone who is not familiar with the catchy, foot stompin’, butt shakin’, ’90s tune by Right Said Fred.  You know the one… where the megalomaniac lead singer is prancing about the video talking about how he’s too sexy for this and that?

Well, the catwalk’s got a new gig, and it is “shakin’ its little tushy” for autism. Continue reading

Time to Change How You Think About Autism.

With so many people and organizations trying to rid the world of autism, those of us who are do not think along these lines feel a sense of urgency for the greater need to raise positive awareness.

While others are seeking for acceptance in how they were born, others simply want to ensure that autism is no longer part of their lives.

To eradicate something that defines, in many ways, who a person is and how they interact with the world is what some scientists, researchers, and parents are attempting to do at an alarming rate. Continue reading

Autism: Not only “Made in the USA”

There’s World Autism Awareness Day and National Autism Awareness Month, but for those of us living with autism, raising awareness is an every day thing.

As the number of children being diagnosed with autism continues to rise so will the need to raise awareness.

Autism is not just a disorder that affects only American children.   Autism is global!

There are approximately 67 million people living with autism today, and this number only includes those who have received an official diagnosis. Continue reading